Wednesday, 9 February 2011



Don't we all just love it?

There is no real way of describing badassery other than it being badass. My life lacks a lot of it. So instead of going out there and doing something to sort it out, I'd much rather listen ( or read, or watch) about the magnificient and badass tales of other's badass deeds.

Which is why this website has probably been my most visited website in the past month.

Seriously, some of the stuff here is so amazing, it will literally blow your mind. Take the 2nd most recent entry, for example, Bishnu Shtrestha. It's so awesome, it's so epic, it's so BADASS!

We need more people like him in the world.


  1. WOAH Bishnu is one tough MF'er... dont wanna mess with that... >:3

  2. At risk of sounding cliche, what a badass!

  3. Lol, all the badasses on 1 site. Is it a good or a bad thing when you are on there?